Sports in the MBSA

Blind Archery

This sport has adaptations to assist the blind participant. A block is set up behind the participants feet so they know where to stand. There is a tri pod with a dowel sticking out of it to give the archer the height of where their bow hand touches. Balloons are put on the targets so that when they hit their mark, they can hear that they’ve hit their target! On some of the bows, a laser pointer is used for the person helping to try to group the arrows either on the target or to hit the balloons! The adults shoot from 18 metres away and the kids shoot from about 9 metres from the target. The following clip shows our blind archers in action: Archers in action.

Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is an excellent way to get out and enjoy our great outdoors. If you are interested in our skiing program you can get more information.

Please visit the CTV news clip to see some of our skiers in action.


Curling is a great team sport that all can play. Coaches and practice rounds are provided. There are three levels of participation:

  1. Training and development: beginners and novices learn strategies of the game and develop their skills to play the game.
  2. Recreational participation: Games are played once a week or once every other week depending on the number of participants. These sessions consists of some skill development and then a game. Sessions last one to two hours depending on number of attendees.
  3. Competitive team participation: A Provincial team is selected by the coach to participate in the White Cane Week Curling Championships held in Ottawa and in the Western Blind Curling Championships. To be eligible for team selection a member must have participate in a minimum of 50% of the games and practices. A skills evaluation is held in November of each year. The coach uses a point system to evaluate each curler and from this selects the team and the position each curler will play in.
Click here for more information on curling.

Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat is a great way to paddle the Red River in summer. A dragon boat team consists of 10 paddlers for the mini dragon boat and 20 paddlers for the full boat. In addition to the Paddlers each boat requires a Cox to steer and a drummer who sets the pace. Paddlers provide the power to move the boat. Timing of paddling is more important than strength of the individual paddlers making it a great team Sport. This program offers once/week training in summer and depending on participants, the team can compete in the various Dragon Boat Festivals that are held in Winnipeg. Practices are held at the Manitoba Canoe Kayak Association facility located at 80 Churchill Drive, in Winnipeg.


Goalball is the only team sport specifically designed for the blind. Played on a gym floor, Goalball features three players on a side who try to roll the ball past each other and into the nine meter wide net. The Goalball itself is roughly the size of a basketball, a touch heavier and has bells placed within it that jingle when rolled along the floor. Players use their sense of hearing to locate, stop and handle the Goalball. As all players are blindfolded, Goalball is unique in that it allows, blind, visually impaired and sighted athletes to play on a more or less equal level. Manitoba Blind Sports Associations Goalball program takes place Sunday mornings from mid-October until April. Goalball is played by both males and females however due to the physical nature of the sport, it is recommended that players be at least 16 years of age to play. Goalball is not suitable for those with a detached retina. more information and videos


Our goal is to develop and promote the sport of golf and to provide visually impaired individuals with the opportunity to train and compete in the game. Each player has a coach that will line up the golfer for each shot. The coach also selects the club to be used. When it comes to putting the golfer will walk the green to get a feel for the putt. The coach will also line up the shot, and give the golfer the estimated distance to the hole, and line up the golfer for the putt. To also assist the golfer, the flag can be banged to provide a sound source locating the hole. MBSA offers free golf lessons to all members, we host the Annual 18 hole Provincial tournament, and hold three nine hole fun golf events. Please check in the upcoming events folder for dates and times of these events. We will also subsidize up to three rounds of golf (maximum $30/round) for our members who go golfing on their own during the summer months. Members can also apply for funding to attend the Western Championships and the Canadian Open. more information

Lawn Bowling

Blind and visually impaired lawn bowlers compete alongside sighted players and use only adapted orientation skills to play the game. more information


The Manitoba Blind Sports Association started a rowing program in 2007. The lessons were held at the Winnipeg Rowing Club. The Learn to Row program is an eight week program that starts in June, and Lessons are held once a week. If members are interested in an advanced program, please see additional info. If there is interest in the advanced program the MBSA would meet with the Winnipeg Rowing Club to make the necessary arrangements.

Additional info: Novice Rowing Program Description

The development of the new Novice program provides athletes from the Learn-to-Row program with the opportunity to continue to develop their rowing skills before joining the Recreational or Competitive Rowing programs. Novice rowers meet three times per week, from May to September. Crews are set on a casual basis, and may row in any combination of eights, quads, fours, doubles and/or singles. The programӳ primary focus is on technique and having fun out on the water. Novice members join with Recreational members in the winter for group fitness sessions and organized social events throughout the year.
To join the Novice program you must be at least 18 years of age and have prior rowing experience and/or have completed the Learn-to-Row program. Community Rowing Challenge participants are encouraged to spend some time in the Novice program before transitioning to the Recreational or Competitive Rowing program. As a safety precaution, participants must be able to swim.


Class sizes are small and participants can join at any time during the season. The swim program is open to all ages.

Our swimming lessons are taught by a level 3 NCCP certified coach, with the assistance of volunteers. more information


Yoga is a great way to get out and increase your body’s flexibility and core strength. It is a low-impact exercise that balances mind and body through physical postures, controlled breathing and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation. An instructor demonstrates the movements for all participants. A yoga mat must be provided by each participant. Classes are held twice a week at the CNIB Multipurpose Room located at 1080 Portage Avenue. CTV highlighted our yoga program on their Morning Live Community Connection program. They interviewed several members and if you would like to see the interview click on the link. Interview