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Developed after World War Two as a form of recreation and exercise for those who suffered vision loss. Goalball has evolved into a global sport with it’s own world championships and is played at the Paralympics. Featuring both men’s and women’s teams, Goalball is an excellent form of exercise for individuals of varying degrees of visual impairment.

Goalball is played on a gym floor, occupying a playing surface roughly the size of a volleyball court. Tape is placed on the floor in a set pattern to help the participants orientate themselves. There are three players per team on the court… a centre, right winger and a left winger. The net in a Goalball game is the entire width of the court… nine meters.

The object of the game is to roll the Goalball past the players on the other team. If a team is successful in rolling the ball past the other team and into the net, a goal is scored. Teams try to score as many goals as possible over two, ten minute halves. The team scoring the most goals is the winner.

Another unique aspect of Goalball is the fact that no spectators can make any noise while the game is in progress. This is due to the participants requiring silence to hear the bells in the ball. Once a goal is scored, fans can cheer as in any other game. Coaches must also be quiet during play. They can only pass on instructions during a time out, or at half time when teams change ends.

There are many rules in Goalball, but some of the most important are as follows:

Goalball features a wide variety of rules designed for fair play and safety. A list of these rules can be found on the International Blind sports Association’s website…

Canada is a leader in the soport of Goalball with the Canadian women’s team having won the 2000 and 2004 Paralympics gold medals and the 2006 world championships. The Canadian men’s team came sixth at the 2006 world championships and won the silver medal at the 1996 Paralympics. Both the national men’s and women’s teams have qualified for the 2008 Paralympics in China.

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2011 Junior Goalball Championships
2011 Canadian Goalball Championships

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